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The story of element 248 called EMANIUM

In the year 2045 German physicist Dr. Erich Mann will be credited for the development of a new synthesized element on the periodic table. Named "emanium-248" this man-made element is a super heavy, yet stable element whose nuclear structure is so strong that it's sub-atomic gravitational field actually extends (or "emanates") beyond the perimeter of the atom. Once outside the perimeter of the atom, this subatomic force can now be harnessed and the secrets of the most power gravitational field.....the subatomic.......the force which holds all atoms together.......can now be unlocked.

Using the power of emanium-248, Dr. Mann will create a fleet of super-robots to help bring about peace to a troubled world. All robots make use of the emanium-248 element by amplifying and directing these subatomic gravitational fields to provide the power and the movements of these super robots.

Unbeknown to the public, the emanium-248 element was not created by Dr. Mann...... it was actually recovered from the wreckage of an alien craft located near the Belgium border in the early 1990s and subsequently moved to Dr. Mann's German laboratory for heavy ion research.

Despite top secret security, a portion of the emanium-248 element was stolen by a religious extremist... Lars Steevig. Bent on global domination, the evil Steevig has constructed 4 super robots.... code-named "Destroyer Class". These four robots are described as such:

GEMINI.... despite it's peaceful appearance, this trojan horse transforms into a fierce robot of destruction... heavily armed with hidden missiles and rockets.

WITCHDOCTOR.... built for treacherous jungle terrain, this super-robot terrorizes third world countries with it's spinning hypnotic chest disc and machete blades.

HADES.... heavily armored robot with a thick plating capable of withstanding the hottest temperatures with the added ability to launch deadly plasma fireballs.

DREADNOUGHT.... super knight robot with battle-axe and ball & chain weapon attachments capable of large scale demolition.

To counter this enemy fleet, Dr. Mann has constructed 4 new super robots..... code-named "Defiant Class". These four robots are described as such:

PROMETHEUS.... artificially intelligent super robot equipped with a cybernetic brain capable of independent thought and leadership for the defiant class.

AURA Z.... stealthy robot hidden somewhere in the Russian tundra with the capability to withstand extreme climatic temperatures and terrain.

GALOS TITAN.... strongest of the super-robots, equipped with nearly impenetrable armor designed by Mann's colleague- metalurgist Dr. Jonathan Galos.

ANTARES.... sleek and stylish robot capable of interstellar space flight and sub-light speeds.

Emanium is proud to reproduce these super robots in the form of "jumbo machinder" toy robots. All figures are approximately 2 feet tall and come equipped with attachments mentioned above. As with all Emanium robots, all figures have interchangeable magnetic joints and accessories.... this means you can customize and build your very own unique super robot! E-mail the e-man and reserve your robot today! (Photos of these upcoming robots will be posted once the microfilm has been recovered from an undisclosed secret agent hidden somewhere in the eastern European block).