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A rare photo of the E-Man during the sculpting of the Aphrodite A robot, while sweating under the hot lights in the design studio.


The entire crew of the starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701D sculpted by the E-Man for Paramount's Star Trek the Next Generation


It is important to note that story of Emanium-248 is fictional and purely speculative; however the topic of UFO and extraterrestrial presence within our society is very real and of immense importance. For over 35 years I have quietly researched this phenomenon and it has become evident that several alien species have been visiting, studying and covertly interacting with man for quite some time, probably for millions of years.

The biggest revelation regarding this interaction is that one alien species may be responsible for genetically manipulating pre-existing DNA, leading to the creation of the current human race.  Science can assume that man evolved naturally over time, but many argue that due to the short period of time that homosapians have existed on the Earth, an outside genetic manipulation either accelerated the evolution of a pre-existing humanoid animal, or was responsible for creating a hybrid creature that is our current homosapian. This is a delicate and controversial topic and I encourage all to do extensive research before coming to any conclusions. I do believe this subject of human evolution is at the crux of the UFO matter- whether we evolved naturally or if an outside genteric manipulation actually took place millennia ago. It may even be impossible to prove either case because of this lengthy passage of time. In any case, putting all scientific and religious beliefs aside, it is important to remember what really matters is that we are here, we are human, and this is our home. It is our utmost responsibility to conduct ourselves in a civilized manner and to take respnsibility for the health and well being of this planet and the life upon it. 

Many people have asked me how I can be so sure that this phenomenon is real?  Despite the thousands of eyewitness accounts, there is one piece of hard evidence that convinced me years ago that indeed there is an alien presence visiting Earth. This hard evidence is in the form of what is called cattle mutilations.

For at least 100 years animals (primarily cattle and other livestock) have been the subjects of some type of unknown experimentation. Livestock owners have been finding their animals dead in their fields with specific organs removed by some type of advanced laser cutting surgical procedure. These animals are also typically drained of blood, but there is no blood or tracks (even the animals own) to be found at the site. It is important to note that as of the year 2016, human beings do not possess the technology to duplicate these surgical procedures even in a laboratory setting, let alone in some farmer’s field in the middle of the night. This is undeniable, irrefutable hard evidence of the visitation of some type of advanced alien life. Even though thousands of these animal mutilation cases have been documented, discussion or even recognition of this event has been completely forbidden by the media and any respective governmental agencies.

There is one researcher however, who has courageously tackled and documented this subject and her name is Linda Moulton Howe.  Linda is an Emmy award winning television producer and writer who began documenting this phenomenon in the early 1980’s. She is a tough-as-nails reporter with a tenacious drive for the truth and a resilient, unbreakable spirit. The astonishing amount of research and information that Linda has gathered should have won her the Nobel prize, however the United States government has continually shunned her work and made her the target of threats, disinformation and ridicule. Her vast amount of work can be found at her website www.earthfiles.com  (copies of her books can be found there as well). 

Many people (including most researchers) wonder if the government will ever publicly disclose the truth rgarding this UFO and extraterrestrial matter. I can assure you the answer is NO. The government will NOT disclose this information for the simple fact the government is no longer in control of the situation. In fact most government representatives are either not aware or have extremely limited knowledge on this subject. The entire UFO matter is handled by an unrecognized majestic/majority/maji military group funded by black budgets and answering to no governmental authority.

And it is important to note that not even this maji military group is in control of this situation... the control lies in the hands of the extraterrestrials.  It is important to understand that the extraterrestrial technology is so advanced that we (the human race) have absolutely no way of stopping whatever it is they are doing. Apparently, the only option for this maji military group is is to maintain silence and allow the extraterrestrials to continue their covert operations in exchange for technology and information in hopes of gaining technological ground as well as gaining a better understanding of what in the world it is they are attempting to achieve.  It's difficult to disclose to the public that there are several extraterrestrial races who are abducting humans, performing genetic experiments, creating hybrid races, and doing who knows what else... and by the way- there is no way we can stop them or even communicate with some of them.